Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services


Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services Department serves as a model of excellence in providing integrated support for pedagogy and technology that supports university research, teaching, and learning.  We are dedicated to working with students, faculty, and staff to create a collaborative approach to instructional and curriculum development, to design new classroom learning environments, and to harness the power of technology ini order to achieve academic and research excellence.  The department is organized into the following units: Online Learning Support Services and Classroom Technology Support Services.

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Online Learning Services- The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library’s Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services (OLITS) collaborates with many of the university’s departments to offer fully online courses and programs. At OLITS, we ensure that faculty members’ online teaching experience is a positive one by providing all the support services outlined in this site.


Provides support for faculty teaching online courses in a variety of ways. Including, instructional design consulting, and assistance in the actual production of courses and course materials and faculty professional development providing one-on-one, group and departmental workshops.


Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services (OLITS) at the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library offers a variety of professional development training to support the online faculty of USFSP. Workshops are designed for our busy faculty in one-hour blocks as face-to-face training in the OLITS area on the second floor of the library, POY219 during various days and times throughout the semester. For details about online workshop availability, contact Otis Wilder at, 727-873-4226.


Supports learning environments and teaching technologies at USFSP. ITS is the campus leader in the design and integration of technology spaces, and provides technical support to more than 50 general-use classooms to enhance student learning. Our classroom technology installs supports a user-friendly environment, which fosters the daily use of information technology to better facilitate teaching, learning and research.


A faculty centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. As part of our continuous effort to improve the quality of our online courses, USFSP subscribed to the Quality Matters program.


It is the policy of University of South Florida that all Students, Faculty, Administrative and Professional (A&P), University Support Personnel System (USPS) and OPS personnel must obtain and carry the USF ID card while on-site.

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